Truck Tarps from Harp’s Tarps

Harp's Tarps - tarps, taping systems and accessoriesMaximum protection. Superior Construction. Reduce your tarp frustrations and contact us about Electric and Pneumatic Truck Tarp Systems from Harp’s Tarps.


Atlanta Powertrain offers Harp's TarpsAtlanta Powertrain can fit your truck with high quality, long lasting, and highly durable Harp’s Tarps truck tarps! We can help you with custom tarps or tarps for:

  • Electric Wind-up Assembly
  • Manual Wind-up Assembly
  • Tarp Side Arm Assemby
  • Replacement Parts
  • Dump Truck Tarps
  • Flatbed Tarps
  • Trailer Tarps
  • Refuse Tarps
  • Nursery Shade Cloth
  • Blue Poly & Silver/Black Poly Tarps
  • Leaf & Landscaping Bag
  • Tarp Repair Cement
  • Flatbed Hauling Mesh
    - Crushed Cars
    - Bricks

Learn more about these tarps, then contact us today.