Atlanta Powertrain offers Parker Hydraulic Pumps, Gears and CylindersAtlanta Powertrain carries the largest selection of Parker products for your mobile project.

We carry Parker Hannifin brand commercial Pumps, Motor, Valves, Cylinders, Filtration, and, coming soon, Parker Truck Hose and Connectors. These products work ideally for unique applications in a wide range of industries, including truck, refuse, material handling, construction, forestry, agriculture, and industrial. Ask us about our solutions and our full-service repair.

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Featured Products

C102 Series (air shaft)

The cable controlled C102 pump and valve was at one time the most popular way of metering the valve spool on the C102 pump. The problem with cable controls is that in the winter time, in extremely cold climates, the cables would freeze. This makes shifting the pump very difficult in the raise, lower, and hold positions. Parker’s solution was the pneumatic air valve. This valve allowed for the smooth ascent and decent of the dump bed, in addition to providing controlled metering. Download Flyer here.

  • Industry 1st Relief Valve  to protect the cylinder in the raise, lower, and hold positions
  • Protects against cylinder over pressurization and pressure spikesC102Series_unsized
  • Rugged Roller bearing construction handles heavy dirt and contamination
  • Proven reliability
  •  Speeds to 2400 rpm
  • Standard pressure setting 2000 psi, maximum pressure setting up to 2500 psi
  • Recommended with the Chelsea auto PTO kick out option to prevent the pump from running while driving down the road with the PTO engaged.

Coreless Filters

Learn more about Parker Coreless Filtration productsThese economical filters are inexpensive, yet uncompromising in performance and quality. They are built to fit demanding design parameters in today’s mobile and industrial equipment. The Parker coreless filters will not only  extend the service life of system components, but will last 3 times as long as the traditional inter core filters. By properly filtering your system with Parker Coreless Filtration, you can reduce your equipment downtime and hydraulic component replacements. Learn more.


NG Series Refuse Cylinder

Pack eject cylinders are the most expensive and hardest to replace hydraulic components on the refuse truck. Damaged, corroded and leaking cylinders are the leading cause for downtime, and the single largest line item on the maintenance manager’s hydraulic budget.

  • 2x Longer Service Life
  • 7x More Corrosion ResistantNGSeries_4yrwarranty_unsized versus Nitride or Chrome
  • 4x Harder than 1026 Steel
  • Coated with Chrome
  • 2x Harder than 1026 Steel Coated with Nitride
  • 2x Smoother Cylinder Stroke
  • Superior Sealing
  • Stainless Steel Scraper
  • 4 Year Warranty (5+ years expected service life)